Mission Statement

     Strauss Publishing is the offspring of Jack Strauss (B.A., B.Ed., T.E.S.L.), a professional educator for over a quarter of a century. VOCABULARY IS IMPORTANT marks the culmination of years of teaching experience that led to the discovery of an easier way to digest the vastness of the English vocabulary.

     Mr. Strauss has worked in both the private and public educational sectors as a high school English teacher and a self-employed tutor. As well, he has worked in private industry where he has taught new citizens to learn how to run their own franchise business.  With his varied background, he has been able to draw on many business and educational experiences in creating Strauss Publishing.

     As an educational consultant, Mr. Strauss was responsible for designing and implementing an E.S.L. program to new citizens.  His tutoring techniques have been not only beneficial to his students, but also to other educators. As a result, he is in tune with the educational system, and understands what is necessary for students to succeed.

     Not satisfied with the resources at hand that would help him in teaching new language learners, he continued to create exercises and games that would make the vocabulary of the English language more digestible.  Thus, the idea for VOCABULARY IS IMPORTANT.  Mr. Strauss sees it as a useful tool in increasing one's vocabulary in a period of weeks, not years. 

     VOCABULARY IS IMPORTANT is a necessary companion to people who strive to add words to their vocabulary.  It will surely be the start of more books to come.

     Education is a lifelong process.  Without communication, education would not occur.  Words are the main ingredient to communication.  Vocabulary is the fuel that launches language.  If language is to soar, then vocabulary must rise to the occasion.

     Strauss Publishing plans to be an integral part of the individual's learning experience.